Hello, I'm Diego.

I'll keep this site as simple and clean as possible, the basic idea is to showcase some recent work.

I really enjoy straight forward, easy, simple, clean, user-friendly, google-friendly, versatile, compliant, responsive, web development. Although I've been involved in web development since the 90's and witnessed the rise and fall of different web technologies, I try to keep myself as updated as possible to most emerging techniques and strategies used in the forefront of this marvelous web era.

At the moment I live in Todos Santos, a very small picturesque town in the hot and dry southern Baja desert, with my beautiful wife Eva, who's very supportive in terms of the time I spend on my computer. We live in the rural outskirts of town therefore waking up in the morning to the sound of birds and the soothing pacific ocean waves is not uncommon to us.

Most of my work lately has been for small boutique hotels in the area, so shooting pictures of beautiful gardens, ocean front rooms and delicious dishes has been a big part of my bread and butter in the last couple of years.

More often than not I'm also asked to contribute with corporate identity, choosing colors, creating logos and overall graphic design for certain projects, and I always strive to keep things simple, functional and friendly.

Ok, enough talk about me, thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy my work and let me know if you have any questions or if there's anything I could help you with.